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    Tiger is to, on world, be close to the one of animal that becomes extinct , as our China , now, northeast of China has had no Northeast Tiger(in China) on genuine meaning , now, the tiger that we see runs from Russia. So, do not also let our northeast have no tiger well.

    Now, a lot of countries also more and more pay attention for animal have protected. I believe , error can not how long, in the northeast of China, we can again see Northeast Tiger(in China) again


    My favourite animal

    I love dogs,dogs are the cutest animal ever on earth.From small and cute ones to big and fierce ones.I love all kind of them.They say dogs are man's best friends.I agree with that because dogs are royal,friendly and fun to play with.Some of them are extremely cuddly and soft to hold and hug.While some of them are extremely royal and helps us guard all our properties.


    I have a dog.His name is Bob.He is two years old.He is yellow and very fat.He has two big eyes.And he wears a black coat.I always play with him. My mother and my sister look after him every day. When I come back ,he often walk around me.He is very cute and friendly.I love him very much. Do you like him?


    Good morning!everyone,I am XX,fromXXX,i am so happy to have a change to tell all of you my favorite animal—— panda. She comes from China, why did I love her? Because she is very cute, but she was very shy. Her body stout like bears, but the first round tail short, black and white fur and white head and body clear. She staple food of bamboo, but also addicted to love drinking water, most of the giant panda's homes are located near the water in streams, the nearest will be able to drink clear spring.


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