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    It was an April of many years ago, a little wild lion was found in a small village by a hunter。 The village was located beside a river。

    One day hunter’s friend invited the hunter to his home and had a dinner。 His friend’s home was in urban, and it was far away from the hunter’s house。 So the hunter put the lion in his bedroom and drove the car to the subway station。

    After a while hunter arrived his friend’s home。 They were chatting and eating during the whole evening。 When the hunter got back home, it was already ten o’clock。 He walked into his bedroom and yelled: “Oh! Where is my lion? It is gone! Maybe someone stole it or it was hidden somewhere。”

    The next morning, the hunter still could not find the lion。 So he decided to go to the forest。 At noon, the hunter went into a big forest。 He saw an old house and there were many types of bacon in the house。 Suddenly a danger female lion appeared, and the little lion was sitting behind her。 Hunter suddenly realized that the little lion found his mom!

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